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Panda Hat and Diaper Cover for My Baby

I just made a cute Blue Panda Hat and a matching diaper cover for my baby. This is just an update on my cute project. I still have to add a braid for the hat and a tail for the diaper cover. I think it would be much cuter that way. I'm still working on the pattern and I'll be sharing it for free. Fell free to subscribe to my blog to get notified when I post free crochet patterns. Thanks for the time visiting my blog andHappy Crocheting Everyone ♥♥♥  Enter your email … [Read more...]

Star Petaled Flower Headband

Supplies Needed: worsted weight yarn 2 colors (white and pink) 5.5mm crochet hook 3.5mm crochet hook for the flowers yarn cutter tapestry needle Instructions: Headband 1st row: Using the pink yarn Chain 8, DC on the 5th chain from the beginning chain,DC 4 times,turn 2nd row: chain 2,DC 5 times,turn 3rd row: repeat 2nd row until desired headband size recommended below  Premie: repeat 22 times -  approx.11-12″ Newborn: repeat 2nd row 26 times - approx. 13″ 0-1 Year:  repeat 2nd row 28 times - … [Read more...]

Crochet Baby Hat With Earflaps for Beginners

  I made a crochet baby hat with earflaps for my baby. I was very happy with the finished project. It looks so cute on him. Can't wait to make another one. He refused to wear them at first, I had to grab his hands while carrying him. We were running around while I make funny noises. It really worked out. He was smiling and we were laughing out loud too. Thanks to my hubby's support, we were able to take a picture of him.   He won't look at the camera. Maybe he's just too … [Read more...]

Super Minion

Look how cute Carl is in his superman costume. Isn't he adorable? Make yours too.  Here's the pattern: Stitch Counts: 49x56 Colors Used: 6 Size(s): 14 Count, 3.5 inches wide x 4 inches high               16 Count, 3.06 inches wide x 3.5 inches high               18 Count, 2.72 inches wide x 3.11 inches high Estimated Floss Usage: Notes: Begin at the center of the pattern. Follow the arrows at the top and on left to find the center.  This pattern is for your own personal use … [Read more...]

Carl Transforms into an Evil Minion

This is Carl, a small, one-eyed minion, with short, buzz-cut hair. Watch him transforms into an evil minion. Although he was one of the few minions who was not abducted by El Macho Carl would probably look like this when he turns into an evil minion:) Company: Crafty Guild Email: rhea@craftyguild-156630.easywp.com Web Site: craftyguild.com Stitch Counts: 98x70 Colors Used: 9 Size(s): 14 Count, 7 inches wide x 5 inches high 16 Count, 6.13 inches wide x 4.38 inches high 18 Count, 5.44 inches wide … [Read more...]

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