15 Free Crochet Sunflower Patterns

Still looking for something to crochet for Spring? Why not try to crochet these Crochet Sunflower Patterns. All this lovely crochet patterns are absolutely free.

15 free crochet sunflower patterns-01

1. This very lovely Sunflower / Sonnenblume by elbpudel is a offered as a free ravelry download. The pdf can be downloaded in German or in English. The pdf contains a very detailed photo tutorial. IMG_7511_medium2

2. Crochet Sunflower by Cindy on her blog Skip To My Lou


3. This Sunflower Dishcloth and Scrubbie was designed by Lori Zeller. The free pattern is a member only download offered on Free-Crochet.com.

crochet sunflower dishcloth and scrubbie

4.  Sunny Flower Square by Zelna Olivier on her blog Zooty Owl 

crochet sunny flower square5. Another Sunny Flower Motif from Zooty Owl 


6. Sunflower Barefoot Sandal designed by Akemi Takahashi on Ravelry 

IMG_0897_medium27. Sunflower Throw Designed by Mary Jane Protus on Red Heart 


8. Stash-Bustin’ Sunflower in a Square by Corina on her blog  Stitch 11

SAM_05809.  Crochet Flower Pattern: Sunflower, designed by Rachel Choi on Crochet Spot

sunflower10. Three different Sunflower crochet patterns on I Love Today!! –4Cs– 


11. A written and video tutorial for this Sunflower can be found on Meladora’s Creation


12. A written pattern for this Sassy Sunflower Afghan can be found on  Moms Love of Crochet

Sassy_Sunflower_Afghan-343x25013. A very detailed and easy to follow written and photo tutorial for this cute little sunflower can be found on According To Mat


14. Sunflower by Drops Design 

35-215. The free pattern for this gorgeous Sunflower Dress can be found on Universal Yarn 

crochet sunflower

What is your favorite Sunflower  pattern from the list above? If you were to chose 3 from the list above, what would be your top pick?  Tell me in the comments section below.

As for me my favorite Sunflower Crochet Patterns are 1, 5, and 15.

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