Star Petaled Flower Headband


Supplies Needed:

worsted weight yarn 2 colors (white and pink)
5.5mm crochet hook
3.5mm crochet hook for the flowers
yarn cutter
tapestry needle



1st row: Using the pink yarn Chain 8, DC on the 5th chain from the beginning chain,DC 4 times,turn
2nd row: chain 2,DC 5 times,turn
3rd row: repeat 2nd row until desired headband size recommended below

 Premie: repeat 22 times –  approx.11-12″
 Newborn: repeat 2nd row 26 times – approx. 13″
0-1 Year:
 repeat 2nd row 28 times – approx. 14″

 1-6 Years:  repeat 2nd row 32 times- approx. 16″
 Child-teen:  repeat 2nd row 34 times – approx. 17″
 Adults:  repeat 2nd row 36 times – approx. 18″

Join to the 1st row with single crochet to make the headband.Fasten Off. Weave on ends.

Star petaled flower (make 3)

1st row:Use the white yarn and a 3.5 mm crochet hookChain 6, Join to form a ring
2nd row:(SC on the ring, chain 4, SC)repeat 4 times – 5 petals made
3rd row:The petals will be used as a ring.
(On the first petal SC 3 times,Chain 2, SC 3 times,Slip Stitch in between the petals) Repeat 4 times

Sew the flowers to the headband. You can add as many flowers you want and arrange it as you wish. I hope you enjoyed my pattern. Feel free to subscribe to my blog to get notified when I post new  free crochet ideas. Happy crocheting everyone 🙂

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