15 Free Crochet Butterfly Patterns

Hi there, I’m back to share another project that I have made recently. It’s a crocheted butterfly  based on a crochet diagram that I have found on Crochetpedia. I’ll be using this for a hat for my neice.

butterfly crochet

This is the picture of the diagram that I followed to make this butterfly. If you know how to read diagrams this will be easy for you but for those whose not into diagrams, I have listed 15 free butterfly crochet patterns below. Scroll down to see more lovely butterflies to crochet for spring. Most of them have written and video tutorials. Enjoy.


 15 Free Crochet Butterfly Patterns

15 free crochet butterfly patterns

1.Crochet Butterfly Barefoot Sandals by Sarah from  Repeat Crafter Me


2. This lovely butterfly has a free  pdf download for the written pattern and crochet diagram available at My Picot


3. Crochet Swallow-Tailed Butterflies by Megan Mills on her blog Megan.cc.


4. Crocheted 3D Butterfly from handmadelife1.wordpress.com


5. Crochet Butterfly Pattern video tutorial from JoyceIsCrafty


6. Crochet Butterfly Pattern by Angie on her blog Treasures for Tots


7. Free Crochet Butterfly Pattern from Free-Homemade-Gift-Ideas.com by Gelia. A written and crochet diagram is available on her blog.

Update: I have removed the link to this pattern because it redirects to another site that contains malicious malware.


8.  Very Lovely Butterfly made from crocheted hearts by Elena at goldenlucycrafts.com.


9. A video tutorial on how to crochet this very beautiful butterfly can be found at sheruknitting.com.


10. Butterfly wreath step by step instruction by Veronika on her blog Crochetier


11. Crochet Butterfly Throw from Redheart


12. Bountiful Butterflies by Marken of The Hat & I can be found on Ravelry


13.  Delicate Crochet Butterfly by Anne Halliday on Ravelry


14. Butterfly Bookmark from Crochet Memories 


15. A spanish and english written pattern for this Butterfly Hat and Scarf Pattern is available at Arteenhilo

mariposa set globo

What is your favorite butterfly pattern from the list above? If you were to chose 1 from the list above, what would be your top pick?  Tell me in the comments section below.

As for me, It’s not that easy to decide which one is my favorite. All of them are beautiful but If I really have to choose one. I think I would choose number 13. I like to work with finer yarns and I really like the details on this pattern.

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7 years ago

They are all beautiful, I would use the butterflies from 8 to make 13 🙂

Linda Turriff
Linda Turriff
7 years ago

I agree, I like #13 best also because I like the fine yarns.

Bernadette Donato
7 years ago

13 is beautiful, but I also like 3 and 4. How do I order these patterns?

Esther Herrera
6 years ago

It’s nice to see so many people still crochet and tat. My fav is #13, I love to work with fine thread. I would like to make a butterfly shaw by making a large butterfly and then make small butterflies for the arms. I can see it, in what’s left of my mind, almost like when you crochet granny squares and join them to make a sweater.

6 years ago

Hi I’m trying to make a crochet butterfly can I send you a picture so that you might help me identify the stitch ? Thanks

Maria Danielle
Maria Danielle
6 years ago

Beautiful butterflies love !

Bonnie Thiem
Bonnie Thiem
5 years ago

#7 is a bad link ( Free-Homemade-Gift-Ideas.com). It redirects you to a website that sells gifts. There is nothing free on it.

Cindy Stephenson
Cindy Stephenson
3 years ago

How do I get the written patterns?

1 year ago

I really cannot pick just one LoL i love butterflies & crocheting lol so they are all Great!

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