Super Mario C2C Crochet Pillow Case Pattern

My 8-year-old son is a big fan of Super Mario. He asked me to crochet a shirt with a super Mario design but I am not that good with crocheting wearables so I asked him if he would like to have a pillow and he said yes. I create corner to corner crochet patterns from time to time so making this pillowcase was a breeze. My son loves to draw and he was the one who gave me the sketch. He was very happy with his new pillow.

When I finished making the pillow case my son noticed that I made a mistake on the upper right corner of the question block. I was about to frog it but my son said it’s okay. He knows it’s not easy to crochet. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go back many rows.

If you want to make this pillow case pattern follow the instructions below.

Materials Used: 4 ply yarn (white, brown, blue, beige, black, red, orange and yellow)
stitch marker, pair of scissors, 3.00mm crochet hook

Finished pillowcase dimensions: approximately 17” X15.50”










Diagram Pattern:

Written Pattern:

ROW 1-11= WT

ROW 12= 3WT, 1BN, 8WT = 12 BLOCKS

ROW 13= 8WT, 2BN, 3WT = 13 BLOCKS

ROW 14= 3WT, 1BL, 2BN, 8WT = 14 BLOCKS

ROW 15= 8WT, 2BN, 2BL, 3WT = 15 BLOCKS

ROW 16= 2WT, 4BL, 2BN, 8WT = 16 BLOCKS

ROW 17= 11WT, 4BL, 2WT = 17 BLOCKS

ROW 18= 2WT, 4BL, 12WT = 18 BLOCKS

ROW 19= 13WT, 1YL, 3BL, 2WT = 19 BLOCKS

ROW 20= 2WT, 2BL, 1YL, 2BL, 2RD, 11WT =  20 BLOCKS

ROW 21= 10WT, 5RD, 4BL, 2WT = 21 BLOCKS

ROW 22= 1WT, 2BN, 3BL, 1RD, 1BL, 1BG, 1BN, 1BG, 1RD, 10WT = 22 BLOCKS

ROW 23= 10WT, 2RD, 1 BG, 1BN, 1 BG, 1RD, 1BL, 1RD, 1BL, 3BN, 1WT = 23 BLOCKS

ROW 24= 2WT, 2BN, 1WT, 3RD, 1BG, 1BN, 2BG, 1RD, 1BG, 10WT= 24 BLOCKS

ROW 25= 10WT, 2BG, 1RD, 1BG, 2BN, 1BG, 1BL, 2RD, 5WT = 25 BLOCKS

ROW 26 = 6WT, 2RD, 4BG, 1WT, 1RD, 1BG, 2WT, 1BK, 8WT = 26 BLOCKS

ROW 27= 8WT, 2BK, 2WT, 1BG, 1RD, 1BG, 1BK, 3BG, 2RD, 6WT = 27 BLOCKS

ROW 28= 6WT, 2RD, 1WT, 1BG, 1BN, 1BG, 1BK, 1RD, 3WT, 1BK, 1YL, 1BK, 8WT = 28 BLOCKS

ROW 29= 8WT, 1BK, 2YL, 1BK, 3WT, 1RD, 2BG, 2BN, 1WT, 1RD, 1BG, 6WT = 29 BLOCKS

ROW 29= 8WT, 1BK, 2YL, 1BK, 3WT, 1RD, 2BG, 2BN, 1WT, 1RD, 1BG, 6WT = 29 BLOCKS

ROW 30= 6WT, 2BG, 1WT, 1BN, 1BG, 2BN, 2RD, 2WT, 1BK, 1YL, 1BK, 1YL, 1BK, 8WT = 30 BLOCKS

ROW 31= 8WT, 1BK, 4YL, 1BK, 2WT, 2RD, 1BN, 1BG, 1BN, 2WT, 1BG, 7WT, DECREASE = 31 BLOCKS

ROW 32= 10WT, 2BN, 2RD, 2WT, 1BK, 5YL, 1BK, 8WT = 31 BLOCKS

ROW 33= 8WT, 1BK, 4YL, 1BK, 1YL, 1BK, 2WT, 2RD, 11WT = 31 BLOCKS

ROW 34= 14WT, 1BK, 1YL, 2BK, 4YL, 1BK, 8WT = 31 BLOCKS

ROW 35= DECREASE, 7WT, 1BK, 5YL, 1 OR, 2YL, 1BK, 13WT = 30 BLOCKS

ROW 36= 12WT, 1BK, 2YL, 2 OR, 1BK, 1YL, 1BK, 2YL, 1BK, 6WT = 29 BLOCKS

ROW 37= 5WT, 1BK, 2YL, 4BK, 1 OR, 3YL, 1BK, 11WT = 28 BLOCKS

ROW 38= 10WT, 1BK, 5YL, 1 OR, 1BK,  1 OR, 1BK, 2YL, 1BK, 4WT = 27 BLOCKS

ROW 39= 3WT, 1BK, 2YL, 1BK, 4 OR, 5YL, 1BK, 9WT = 26 BLOCKS

ROW 40= 8WT, 1BK, 1YL, 1BK, 4YL, 4 OR, 3YL, 1BK, 2WT = 25 BLOCKS

ROW 41= 1WT, 1BK, 3YL, 2 OR, 8YL, 1 OR, 8WT = 24 BLOCKS

ROW 42= 8WT,  1 OR, 5YL, 1BK, 2YL, 1 OR, 3YL, 1 OR, 1WT = 23 BLOCKS

ROW 43= 1WT, 1 OR, 2YL, 1 OR, 1BK, 1 YL, 2BK, 4 YL, 1 OR, 8WT = 22 BLOCKS

ROW 44= 8WT, 1 OR, 4YL, 1 OR, 2BK, 1 OR, 2 YL, 1 OR, 1WT = 21 BLOCKS

ROW 45= 1WT, 1 OR, 2YL, 1 OR, 1BK, 2 OR, 3YL, 1 OR, 8WT = 20 BLOCKS

ROW 46= 8WT, 1 OR, 3YL, 3 OR, 2YL, 1 OR, 1WT = 19 BLOCKS

ROW 47= 1WT, 1 OR, 2YL, 2 OR, 3YL, 1 OR, 8WT= 18 BLOCKS

ROW 48= 8WT, 1 OR, 6YL, 1 OR, 1WT = 17 BLOCKS

ROW 49= 1WT, 1 OR, 5YL, 1 OR, 8WT = 16 BLOCKS

ROW 50= 8WT, 1 OR, 4YL, 1 OR, 1WT = 15 BLOCKS

ROW 51= 1WT, 1 OR, 1YL, 1BK, 1YL, 1 OR, 8WT = 14 BLOCKS

ROW 52=  8WT, 1 OR, 2YL, 1 OR, 1WT = 13 BLOCKS

ROW 53= 1WT, 1 OR, 1YL, 1 OR, 8WT = 12 BLOCKS

ROW 54= 8WT, 2 OR, 1WT = 11 BLOCKS

ROW 55= 1WT, 1BK, 8WT = 10 BLOCKS

ROW56-64= WT

For the back portion of the pillow case it’s the same pattern on the front but you’ll be using white yarn only.

Join the front and the back and you can sew a zipper if you want.

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