Spring Inspired Tote Bag – Free Crochet Pattern

Here’s another free crochet pattern for you to work on. I have made a cute tote bag for myself. I really love nature and I thought of making a spring inspired bag. The colors also reflect nature. Brown is the earth. White signifies purity and innocence. Blue is the sky and the flower and the leaves signifies nature itself. 
Crochet one for your love ones who loves nature like me. I’m pretty sure they’ll love it.
Here’s the pattern…

Materials Needed

Worsted Weight Yarn (brown, white,red and green)
Bulky Weight light blue yarn
5.5 mm crochet hook
Crystal Button
Tapestry Needle
Yarn Cutter

Finished item dimensions

Width – 10 inches
Height – 11 inches
Handle – 10 inches


Round 1: Magic Ring, Chain 2, 10 DC in magic ring, join, (10DC)

Round 2: Chain 2 counts as a DC,DC in the same stitch, 2 DC in each around,join, (20 DC)

Round 3: Chain 2,DC in same stitch, DC in next, (DC inc, DC in the next)* repeat 8 times, join, (30 DC)

Round 4: Chain 2, DC in same stitch, DC in next 2, (DC inc, DC in next 2)* repeat 8 times, join,  (40 DC)

Round 5:  Chain 2, DC in same stitch, DC in next 3, (DC inc, DC in next 3)* repeat 8 times, join,  (50 DC)

Round 6: Chain 2, DC in same stitch, DC in next 4, (DC inc, DC in next 4)* repeat  8 times, join,  (60 DC)

Round 7: Chain 2, DC in same stitch, DC in  next 5, (DC inc, DC in next 5)*
repeat 8 times, join, (70 DC)
Change to color white

Round 9: Chain 2, DC in same stitch, DC in next 6, (DC inc, DC in next 6)*
repeat 8 times, join, (80 DC) 

Round 10-23: Chain 4, skip 1 space, DC in the next,(Chain 1, skip 1 space, DC in the next)repeat 38 times, 

Round 24: Chain 1, SC in between the DC posts all your way around (40 SC)

Row 25: Chain 1, 40 SC
Don’t fasten off, Change to light blue bulky weight yarn for the handle




Use light blue bulky weight yarn

Row 1:SC 10 times, turn (10 SC)
Row 2:SC 10 times, turn (10 SC)
Row 3:SC 10 times, turn (10 SC)
Row 4: SC dec, 6 SC, SC dec, turn (8 SC)
Row 5: 8 SC, turn
Row 6: 8 SC, turn
Row 7: SC dec, 4 SC, SC dec, turn (6 SC)
Row 8: 6 SC, turn (6 SC)
Row 9: 6 SC, turn (6 SC)
Row 10: SC dec, 2 SC SC dec (4 SC)
Row 11-23: 4 SC, turn
fasten off

Count 10 space from the bottom of your first handle and continue to work on your second handle with the same instructions above.

Sew the ends of the handle together. 

Work a single crochet on the DC posts for the stem as shown above.


Round 1: Magic Ring, Chain 1, 10 SC in chain, slip stitch to first SC
Round 2: SC in same stitch,(make a 1 DC 2TR 1 DC in the next, SC in the next)*repeat 4 times, slip stitch, fasten off
I put a crystal button at the center of the flower just like the flower that I made from my last newborn hat. You can check out the pattern here.

Leaf (make 2)

Chain 8, skip 1 chain, SC in the next 2, Tr in the next 4, 2 DC
Work in rounds  
Chain 1, 6 DC, slip stitch

Feel free to share this pattern with your friends. Credit me as the Designer and provide a link back to my site. 

Please leave a message below for any clarifications and corrections on my pattern. You can also email me at rhea@craftyguild-156630.easywp.com. I’m happy to help you out.

Do you like my free patterns? I hope your answer is a yes:)
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Thanks for stopping by and 

Happy crocheting everyone…


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Jeannette Kieft
Jeannette Kieft
7 years ago

Hello Rhea, it’s a lovely bag. I translate in Dutch for the women who can’t read another language. Of course I credit you as the Designer and provide a link back to your site.
Knidle greetings, Jeannette Kieft
Here you can find my Dutch translaton: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1481282895439556/