New Born Baby Girl Crochet Hat for Beginners

I just made a newborn baby girl crochet hat. Check out the written free pattern on my blog. This is so easy to make and perfect for beginners to practice.

Supplies Needed:

Worsted Weight Yarn (Peach, White and Sky Blue)
5.5 mm Crochet Hook 
3.5 mm Crochet Hook for the flower
Tapestry Needle
Crystal Button

Hat dimensions:

Circumference: 12″

Height:  5″



Row 1: Magic Ring, Chain 2 counts as a DC, DC 9, join to 1st DC  (10 DC)

Row 2: Chain 2 counts as DC,DC in the same stitch, DC increase in each stitch around, join, (20 DC)

Row 3: Chain 2, DC in same, DC in the next 1 (DC inc. , DC in the next 1)repeat 8 times, join, (30 DC)

Row 4; Chain 2, DC in same, DC in the next 4, ( DC inc., DC in the next 4)
repeat 4 times, join, (36 DC)

Rows 5 – 10: Chain 2, DC all your way around. Join.(36 DC). Fasten off. Weave on ends.


In rows 7-9 crochet in the back loop to have a horizontal bar effect 

Flower (use a 3.5 mm Crochet Hook)

With white yarn Chain 7, Slip stitch in 1st chain (7 DC)
Chain 2, DC in same stitch, 2 DC in each stitch (14 DC)
Join Blue Yarn (slip stitch,4 TR in next stitch)* repeat 6 times
Fasten Off.

Sew the crystal button at the center of the flower

Sew the flower in the 6th – 9th row

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  1. This is my favorite hat pattern. I crochet for charity and this is my go to hat. This hat is so easy to make . And it is so cute. Try it you will love it.

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