mini apple cross stitch pattern-01

Pattern Created by Crafty Guild
Web Site:
Stitch Counts: 30 x 30
Colors Used: 8
Size(s): 14 Count, 2.14 inches wide x 2.14 inches high
16 Count, 1.88 inches wide x 1.88 inches high
18 Count, 1.67 inches wide x 1.67 inches high

Color Palette Estimated Floss Usage

SymbolFloss IdDescriptionStitchesBack StitchesSkeins
1-05DMC 310black140.610.1
2-05DMC 5200snow white260.000.1
3-05DMC 349coral - dk4360.000.2
4-05DMC 956geranium120.000.1
5-05DMC 3326rose - lt120.000.1
6-05DMC 453shell gray - lt20.000.1
7-05DMC 703chartreuse280.000.1
8-05DMC 955nile green - lt310.000.1


Begin at the center of the pattern by following the arrows at the top
and on the left to find the center.

Use two strands for full stitches and one strand for back stitches.

This pattern is for your own personal use only.

This pattern cannot be subject for resale. You cannot claim the pattern
as your own or alter it in any way.


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