Shamrock Crochet Edging for St. Patrick’s Day

I ‘m so excited to be back to share another video tutorial. My Shamrock Crochet Edging for St. Patrick’s Day is finally up on my youtube channel. Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and this crochet pattern would really come in handy. I hope you like my video tutorials. For my next tutorial, it would be another  beautiful crochet stitch. I can’t wait to share it with you.
shamrock crochet edging

Here’s the video tutorial on how to make a beautiful Shamrock Crochet Edging.

Written Pattern:

Chain by 8’s until desired length, Chain 2

Row 1: SC on 2nd Chain from hook, (Chain 5, Skip 3 Chains, SC)* repeat across, turn

Row 2: Chain 4, SC on the middle of the Chain 5 space,  [Chain 2 (this will be the stem), Chain 4, Slip Stitch on the 4th chain from hook (ring made). Working on the ring, get your hook from the stitch you are in and put it on the back side of the stem and insert it back, (Chain 3, Double Crochet 2 together, yarn over, pull yarn all through 3 loops on hook, Chain 3, slip stitch on the ring) *repeat for the second leaf, For the 3rd leaf (Chain 3, Double Crochet 3 together, yarn over, pull yarn all through 4 loops on hook), SC on the Chain 5 space, Chain 3, SC on the next Chain 5 space. ] * repeat across , when you reach the end Chain 1 and DC on top of the SC.


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Carolyn Hoeker
Carolyn Hoeker
7 years ago

Would it be possible to get a written pattern for the shamrock edging?

7 years ago

I’m fairly new here. Are there a printable pattern? Learning from video instruction is not my ideal learning style; sorry.

7 years ago

It’s beautiful! Now to find a project to use it in…