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I’m so glad to announce that my hubby will be joining me here at Crafty Guild. He will be sharing free printable and coloring pages.  My hubby is also a self-employed Architect. We both work at home to take care of our 2 year old son.

We bought a Wacom Intous last November and haven’t used it until last week. My hubby decided to get back to his old hobby and I was happy about it  because I can I ask him to draw something for my blog. I asked him to make frozen coloring pages. My Frozen cross stitch patterns has been popular to my subscribers and as a treat to them we’re giving away this frozen coloring page as a gift. Only Members of Crafty Guild can download the pdf file. If you aren’t registered yet register by following this link. You will be asked for your username and email address. A password will be sent at the email address that you have filled at the registration form. If you’re having a problem with the registration you can send me an email at You can also share your thoughts in the comments section below.

frozen coloring pages

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A cross stitch pattern from this drawing will be up soon. Tomorrow, I’m also gonna share a coloring page for Queen Elsa. Don’t forget to subscribe for more freebies. Happy Coloring 😉

I hope you enjoyed my first Frozen Coloring Page.
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I’ll be happy to help you out. Do you like my frozen coloring pages? I hope your answer is a yes:)
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Thanks for stopping by and Happy coloring everyone…

2 responses to “Frozen Coloring Pages on Crafty Guild”

  1. I am looking at the “Frozen” characters at the moment. I am wondering if you have the copyright to use those images. No worry, I am not the copyright police. Just want to know for my own information

    • Anyone can make an art or any project based on Disney Characters as
      long as you don’t sell them and you grant them non exclusive rights to
      your content. My Disney patterns are free and I don’t sell them.
      Please read Disney’s Term of Use for further knowledge about User
      Generated Content. Thanks 😉

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