Crocheted Little Blossom Flower for Spring

Spring is here and this flower is perfect for the Season. You can use this as an embellishment for your Spring Inspired crochet projects such as headbands, hairclips, bags, dress, pouch, hats, etc. I have used a size 10 crochet thread and a 1.3 mm hook to crochet this flower. You can also use a bigger yarn and hook if you want to make a bigger flower. You can also experiment on the colors that you will use. Don’t forget to share your own blossom flower on my facebook page.

little blossom flower

Here’s the video tutorial. Enjoy 😉

Here’s the written pattern:


Puff Stitch – YO, insert hook into stitch and pull up a loop. YO, insert hook into same stitch and pull up a loop. YO, insert hook into same stitch and pull up a loop. YO, insert hook into same stitch and pull up a loop.(9 loops on hook). YO and pull through all 9 loops. Chain 1.


Chain 5, slip stitch on first chain to make a ring. Chain 3
Round 1: Make 6 puff stitches on the ring, slip stitch, fasten off
Use another color for this round
Round 2: Work on the stitch on top of the puff stitches
Chain 1, SC, Chain 4, triple crochet 3 together, Chain 4, SC on same stitch
On the next puff stitch (SC, Chain 4, triple crochet 3 together, SC)*repeat until the 6th puff stitch, slip stitch
Fasten Off, Weave ends.


crocheted little blossom flower


You just made a lovely  crocheted flower.

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