Prince Hans Free Cross Stitch Pattern

I have received a request from Denise Hood on facebook to make a cross stitch pattern of Prince Hans and as promised, here it is. This cross stitch pattern is based on David Kawena‘s artwork. Feel free to visit his facebook page to see all of his amazing artworks.

Sorry Denise if it took me awhile to make this pattern since I was busy with some changes on my site so you can download the cross stitch pdf by your own. I have restricted the download to registered users only. If you’re not registered yet you can register here. I also managed to change the look of my site’s mobile version. Click here to see the improved mobile version of my blog. I hope you like it and about my next pattern, I haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe an owl would be cute. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

prince hans free cross stitch pattern


You can now download Prince Hans Free Cross Stitch Pattern in pdf

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This pattern is for your own personal use only.

This pattern cannot be subject for resale.
You cannot claim the pattern as your own or alter it in any way and
Crafty Guild will not accept any liability for the sale of completed items.

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