Today I finally had the time to finish the pdf for the penguin cross stitch pattern. I’m glad to be back here and share another cross stitch pattern. In this project I have used Anchor Floss using 2 strands only. I stitched them in a 10 count aida cloth with a 40w x 50h stitch counts. That’s 4 x 5 in inches and it’s small enough to put in a greetings card. I used a special paper that’s thick enough to make as greetings card. I really liked the paper that I used because of it’s added scent. This is actually my first attempt to make a greetings card with cross stitch and I’m so glad about it. I hope you like it too.

On my next post I’ll be sharing the revised pattern for my pink owl cross stitch pattern.  I should probably make some more heart patterns with a lot of pink and red colors just in time for Valentines.

As of now I am also working on a love birds cross stitch pattern. I already finished the pattern just have to stitch them. Can’t wait to share them with you.

free penguin cross stitch pattern-craftyguild.comFree Penguin Cross Stitch Pattern

Pattern Created by Crafty Guild
Web Site:
Stitch Counts: 40 x 50
Colors Used: 4
Size(s): 10 Count, 4.00 inches wide x 5.00 inches high
12 Count, 3.33 inches wide x 4.17 inches high
14 Count, 2.86 inches wide x 3.57 inches high
16 Count, 2.50 inches wide x 3.13 inches high

Color Pallete Estimated Floss Usage Using Anchor Floss
Floss IDDescription Stitches Back Stitches Skeins
ANC 403Black35833.340.2
ANC 303Citrus - med580.000.1
ANC 2White3500.000.1
ANC 19Burgundy - med1960.000.1
Color Pallete Estimated Floss Usage Using DMC Floss
Floss ID
DescriptionStitches Back Stitches Skeins
DMC 310black35833.340.2
DMC 742tangerine - lt580.000.1
DMC WhiteWhite3500.000.1
DMC 304christmas red - md1960.000.1

Begin at the center of the pattern by following the arrows at the top and on the left to find the center.

This pattern cannot be subject for resale. You cannot claim the pattern as your own or alter it in any way.

You can sell the finished project based on this pattern. All I ask is a link back to my site and please credit me as the designer.

Feel free to share your projects on my facebook page.


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thanks a lot..

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Can not get this pattern to come up……