How to Crochet a Snowflake #2

I’m still adicted to crocheting snowflakes. I bet you feel the same way too. Today I’m sharing another video tutorial on how to crochet a snowflake. This isn’t my own pattern. It’s a diagram that I saw on the web and no written pattern is available. I made this tutorial for those who loves to crochet simple appliques for the holidays. This is so easy to make and you can still make this for Christmas. It’s never to late. Watch the video below to learn how to crochet a snowflake.

how to crochet a snowflake 2

If you’re not a visual learner you can follow the written pattern below:

Chain 8, sl st on 1st Chain

Round 1: Chain 3 (counts as a DC), make 23 DC in ring – 24 DC sts, sl st on the 3rd Chain of your beginning Chain 3

Round 2: SC on the next stitch, (Chain 5, skip 1 st, SC on the next)* repeat 11x , Chain 2, DC on SC

Round 3: SC, (Chain 5, Make a puff stitch, Chain 5, sl st, Chain 5, work on the next Chain 5 space, SC, Chain 4, SC on same)* repeat 6x, sl st

Fasten Off, Weave ends

how to crochet a snowflake 1

You just made a snowflake.

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