How to Crochet a Five Petal Flower / Star Flower

It’s been a month since the last time I posted a video tutorial on my channel.  I’ve been busy with my personal life and had no time to blog. When I checked my youtube channel I’m very glad to see that I already have 145 subscribers. It’s not that much but for me it’s such a wonderful achievement. I never thought that my snowflake video tutorial would reach 10,000 views.  Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. I’ll be making more video tutorials so be sure to check my blog often. Today I have made another tutorial, I hope you’ll like it too. It’s a video tutorial on how to crochet a five petal flower or a star flower. 

For the written pattern just follow the instructions below:


Materials Needed:

Wosted weight yarn

3.75 mm hook

Crochet thread and 1.3 mm hook for the smaller flower

Yarn cutter



SC – single crochet

DC – double crochet

TR – triple crochet/treble crochet



Round 1: Make a magic ring. Chain 2 (acts as a DC), DC on ring, Chain 1, (2 DC in ring, Chain 1)* repeat 4 times, slip stitch

Round 2: Working on the Chain 1 spaces (SC, DC, Chain 1, TR, Chain 1, DC, SC)* repeat 5 times, slip stitch

Fasten off and weave ends.


star free crochet pattern 1

star free crochet pattern 2

star flower

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