Snowflake Free Crochet Pattern

snowflake free crochet pattern 1

Christmas is almost here and snowflake ornaments would really come in handy.  I have found this diagram on and I made a written pattern for the  2nd snowflake as you can see in the picture below. I am also planning to make a quick video tutorial on how to make this snowflake. Please watch out for the video on my youtube channel. Just a disclaimer, this pattern is not my own. I’m not the original designer of this pattern. I just translated the diagram into a written pattern.

snowflake crochet diagram


Chain 6, sl st on the first chain.

Round 1: Chain 3 (counts as a DC), chain 1, (DC, Chain 1) repeat 11x, sl st on the 3rd chain of the beginning Chain 3.

Round 2: Chain 1, SC on 1st Ch-1 sp, (Chain 6, SC on next Ch-1 sp, Chain 5, SC on next Ch-1 sp)repeat 5x, Chain 6, SC on next Ch-1 sp, Chain 2, DC on 1st Ch-1 sp

Round 3: SC in DC post you just made, [Chain 2, (on the next Ch-6 sp) DC 2, Chain 4, sl st on 1st chain to make a picot, TR on the ch-6 sp, chain 7, sl st on  1st chain (picot made), TR on ch-6 sp, Ch 4, sl st on 1st Ch (picot made), make 2 DC on the Ch-6 sp, Ch 2, SC on the next ch-5 sp]repeat 5x, sl st, fasten off.

snowflake free crochet pattern

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  1. I want to make this snowflake a little bigger to use as coasters. Any suggestions on how to make it about 2 rows wider?

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