Frankenstein Key Chain

frankenstein keychain1

Materials Needed:

DK weight yarn (mint green and black yarn)

8mm safety eyes

swivel lobster clasp

3.5 mm hook

yarn cutter

tapestry needle



Using mint green yarn

Round 1: Magic Circle, 10 hdc in ring, sl st in 1st hdc = 10 hdc

Round 2: Chain 1, hdc inc. in each stitch around, sl st = 20 hdc

Round 3: Chain 1, (hdc inc., hdc in next)* repeat around, sl st = 30 hdc

Round 4-7: Chain 1, hdc 30, sl st = 30 hdc

Change to black yarn

Round 8: Chain 1, hdc 5,(insert hook between the 6th and 7th round just below the next stitch and make an hdc, hdc in the next)*repeat 3x, hdc in the next 19 stitches,  sl st = 30 hdc

Leave tail for closing the head shut



frankenstein keychain-assembly


Put the eyes between the 3rd and 4th round of the body.

Sew the mouth on the 1st round of the body.

Sew the scars between the 5th and 6th round of the body.


frankenstein keychain assembly2

Fill using polyfill and use the remaining tail to sew the head shut.

Use the remaining tail to tie the swivel lobster clasp and you’re done! You just made a Frankenstein keychain just in time for Halloween!!!

frankenstein keychain.

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