Hi, I’m back for another free crochet pattern as promised. I would like to share this adorable crocodile stitch purse bag with you. I made a black one for our convention but when I took pictures for the tutorial the stitches were barely visible. I decided to make another one in pink and white. I was really happy with the outcome. It turned out great. It’s so adorable and much prettier than my first one.  I made a photo tutorial for this pattern and I hope you find it easier to follow. 

pretty crocodile stitch purse

Here’s the pattern:

Supplies Needed:

Worsted Weight Yarn (pink and white)
5.5 mm crochet hook
yarn cutter
tapestry needle
crystal buttons

Chain 70, Slip stitch to the first chain
Chain 3, Counts as a DC
DC all your way around
70 DC made, slip stitch to the 3rd chain of your Chain 3
Chain 1
Yarn Over


Insert your hook on the first post (Chain 3 post) to make a DC


Make 5 DC on the post 


Chain 1
Turn your work to this position
Insert your hook on the second DC post


Work a 5 DC on the second DC post


Chain 1


Skip 5 DC posts 



Make 5 DC on post

Chain 1


Turn your work, yarn over and insert hook to the next DC post
Make 5 DC, Chain 1, 2 crocodile stitches made.
 Continue to make crocodile stitches all your way around, 
(Skip 5 DC, 5 DC on the post, Chain 1, turn your work 
make 5 DC on the next DC post, Chain 1) 


Slip stitch, Chain 3


Continue to work DC all your way around, 70 DC made


Slip stitch to the 3rd chain of Chain 3, Chain 1


Yarn over, Insert hook in the Chain 3 post
5 DC in the post, Chain 1


Turn your work over, Insert hook on next DC post, 
Make 5 DC on post, Chain 1Skip 5 DC posts, 
Continue to make crocodile stitches all your way around


Make 2 more crocodile stitches rows as shown above, 
Change to white color, Chain 3, DC all your way around, 
slip stitch to the 3rd chain of Chain 3, 70 DC made
Chain 3, DC decrease all your way around

Watch this video tutorial on how to make a dc dec, 
also known as dc2tog
On the next 2 rows: (Chain 3, Double Crochet around, 
slip stitch to 3rd chain of chain 3)
Fasten Off, Weave on ends.
Sew the bottom


Attach a zipper and crystal buttons for the accent
Feel free to share this crocodile stitch purse pattern with your friends. Credit me as the Designer and provide a link back to my site. 

Please leave a message below for any clarifications and corrections on my pattern. You can also email me at rhea@craftyguild-156630.easywp.com. I’ll be happy to help you out.

Do you like my free patterns? I hope your answer is a yes:)
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Thanks for stopping by and 

Happy crocheting everyone…



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8 years ago

I have watched so many videos, and read so many tutorials on how to do this stitch and couldn’t get it, but your tutorial just clicked. I am so happy I can finally do the crocodile stitch! Thank you so much!!

pat obrien
7 years ago

i cant download this pattern .

pat obrien
7 years ago
Reply to  pat obrien

I have found a way to copy thankyou