Minion Carl as an Office Worker Free Cross Stitch Pattern

This is Carl, the one eyed,minion as an Office Worker. Minions are known to be very hardworking creatures which is an irony to this cross stitch pattern.In Despicable Me 2 he was famous for his quote “Bee-Do, Bee-Do Bee-Do”.He appeared as the fire siren that says “Bee do bee do” with Josh and Jorge dressed as firemen extinguishing the fire when Gru’s office catches on fire.

Minion Carl as an Office Worker Mini Cross Stitch Pattern

Stitch Counts: 80×80 

Colors Used: 7 

Size(s): 14 Count, 5.71 inches wide x 5.71 inches high 
            16 Count, 5 inches wide x 5 inches high 
            18 Count, 4.44 inches wide x 4.44 inches high

Notes:Begin at the center of the pattern by following the arrows at the top and on the left to find the center.

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