I’ve been very busy with my career lately. I had to attend our regional convention and I had applied for work last Monday. I was supposed to blog about the crocodile stitch purse that I used during our convention but I still have to take pictures for the tutorial. For now I’ll just share this beanie hat that I made for myself 2 months ago. 

Supplies Needed:

5.5mm crochet hook
bulky weight yarn(brown)



Round 1: Magic Ring, Chain 2, 10 DC in magic ring, join, (10DC)

Round 2: Chain 2 counts as a DC,DC in the same stitch, 2 DC in each around,join, (20 DC)

Round 3: Chain 2,DC in same stitch, DC in next, (DC inc, DC in the next)* repeat 8 times, join, (30 DC)

Round 4: Chain 2, DC in same stitch, DC in next 2, (DC inc, DC in next 2)* repeat 8 times, join,  (40 DC)

Round 5:  Chain 2, DC in same stitch, DC in next 3, (DC inc, DC in next 3)* repeat 8 times, join,  (50 DC)

Round 6: Chain 2, DC in same stitch, DC in next 4, (DC inc, DC in next 4)* repeat  8 times, join, (60 DC)

Round 7-12: Chain 2, 60 DC, join (60 DC)

Round 13: Chain 1, DC in the next, TR in the next, DC in the next, SC in the next, (SC, DC, TR, DC, SC)* repeat 10 times

fasten off, weave on ends
White Yarn
Round 1: Magic Ring, Chain 3(counts as a DC), 11 DC in ring, slip stitch to 3rd chain of Chain 3.
Round 2: 1 Chain, 1 SC in same, Chain 3, (skip 1 DC, 1 SC in next DC, Chain 3) repeat around, slip stitch
Pink Yarn
Round 3: (slip stitch into the next 3 chain spaces, 1 chain, 2 DC, 2 TR , 2 DC, 1 Chain, slip stitch – all in the same 3 chain spaces)* repeat 5 times
White Yarn
Round 4: slip stitch, SC 4, chain 1, (SC 8, chain 1)*repeat 4 times, SC 4, slip stitch. fasten off

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Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crocheting everyone…

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