Crochet Sun Hat for My Bestfriend

crochet sunhat
Last Friday my best friend and I attended the Provincial General Assembly for Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines- Cebu Chapter together with our fellow Engineers.  It’s been a month since the last time I saw her so I decided to make a sun hat for her. She always works on field and a crochet sun hat would be a perfect gift for her. 

She was so happy about it. She even wore it the next day at work. I’m glad that she likes it. Gifts made by hand surely strucks the hearts of those whom we give it. For us crocheters, it’s a great pleasure when someone appreciates our work. It encourages us to make even more projects.

I’m sharing this pattern for free and I hope I can make more projects as I can.

Materials Needed:
Bulky Weight Yarn (Brown and White)
Finished item fits adults 
circumference –  23″ 
Magic Ring, 11 DC in magic ring, join to first DC,

Round 2:Chain 2 counts as a DC,DC in the same stitch-, 2 DC in each around,join, (22 DC)

Round 3: Chain 2,DC in same stitch-an increase made, DC in next, (DC increase, DC in the next)*repeat around, join, (33 DC)

Round 4: Chain 2, DC in same stitch-an inc made, DC in next 2,(DC inc,DC in the next 2)* repeat around, join,  (44 DC)

Round 5: Chain 2, DC in same stitch-inc made, DC in next 10,(DC inc, DC in the next 10)* repeat around, join,  (48 DC)

Round 6: Chain 2, DC in same stitch-inc made, DC in next 11,(DC inc,DC in the next 11)*repeat around, join,  (52 DC)

Round 7: Chain 2, DC in same stitch-inc made, DC in next 12,(DC inc, DC in the next 12)*repeat around, join,  (56DC)

Round 8-11:Chain 2,DC in each around, join,  (56 DC)

Round 12: Chain 4, (Skip next stitch, 1 DC,chain 2)*repeat all your way around, join(74 stitches)

Round 13: SC all your way around, add 1 sc to make 75 stitches,join
(I added 1 sc here to make it divisible by 5 which makes it easier for me to work on my next row)(75 stitches made)

Round 14-15: SC all your way around (75 SC)

Round 16: Chain 1,SC in the same stitch, SC in the next 4,(SC inc, SC in the next 4)* repeat all your way around, join(90 SC)

Round 17 – Round 18:  SC all your way around, join (90 SC)

Round 19:  (SC, DC,TR,DC,SC)*repeat all your way around, join
             Fasten off.Weave on ends.

To make an accent chain 100 using a white yarn and weave it around round 12, join,fasten off.

I hope you you like my free patterns. 
Happy crocheting♥♥♥

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