Sweet Berry Crochet Scarf

Hello everyone and welcome back to Crafty Guild. Today I am going to show you how to crochet my sweet berry crochet scarf. I made this scarf for my friend who lives in Norway. She is on vacation right now here in the Philippines and we seldom see each other. I haven't given her the scarf yet and I hope she will like it. I'm not sure if she likes the color purple. It's my personal preference I like this color and I hope she'll like it too. The yarn that I used for this crochet scarf is Red Heart … [Read more...]

Simple Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Hello everyone I have been very busy with my job and haven't posted in a while but since I'm 6 months pregnant, my husband and I switched places. He goes to field work now and I'll be the one to stay at home and take care of our 6 year old son and our soon to be baby boy. Yeah I got another boy and the struggle of giving him a name begins. I'll be here in my blog for a while since I'll have more time at home now and I feel great about it. That means more crochet time for me. How great is … [Read more...]

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