How to Crochet a Cute Devil Amigurumi

how to crochet a cute devil amigurumiI posted pictures of my little devil amigurumi a few days ago and have been receiving a lot of compliments on this little guy. Many have asked for a pattern for it especially on facebook. I’ve finally made a video tutorial for it. I’m so glad to share it with you. Of course you can sell the finished projects from my pattern all i ask is a link back to my site and please don’t claim the pattern as your own. Please take time to share your finished project in my facebook page, I would really appreciate if you do so:)

As requested, here is a video tutorial of my cute devil amigurumi. Sorry if it took me so long to make the pattern.

I haven’t named him yet. What should I call him? Tell me in the comments section below.

Please watch out for the second part of this video…


Sorry if it took me a long time to post the pattern. I was having a hard time doing the voice over since I crochet outside and the background noise is so annoying. We have many love birds here and my son was crying on the original video. I had to find a new headset that’s best for audio recording and not too pricey. The model that I liked was really hard to find in my place so I had to order it online. I’m so glad it came and finally made my first video tutorial with my voice on. It’s actually a good thing for me since I finally break out my comfort zone…


Update: 10-29-2014


Feel free to share this pattern with your friends. You can sell the finished item from my patterns but not the pattern itself. Credit me as the Designer and provide a link back to my site.

Please leave a message below for any clarifications and corrections on my pattern. You can also email me at I’ll be happy to help you out.

Do you like my free patterns? I hope your answer is a yes:)

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Thanks for stopping by and  Happy crocheting everyone…


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Terri Betz
7 years ago

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! New follower! Email, Google plus and Facebook!

7 years ago
Reply to  Terri Betz

That’s great to hear Terri, I’m glad that you liked my blog:)

6 years ago

No written pattern????? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

5 years ago

tht cute im having a halloween wedding and i saw this…but i im going to do the horns black

Stacey Wilcom
Stacey Wilcom
5 years ago

Is there anyway to get a written pattern? I have satellite internet and limited download.

5 years ago

I can’t understand the weight of yard you used. Please clarify. Many thanks. I can’t wait to make these for Halloween!

3 years ago

Do you have a written pattern?
Thank you

Larissa Fernada
Larissa Fernada
1 year ago

Olá, eu sou do Brasil e não entendo a sua língua, poderia me passar a receita escrita, ai eu traduzo

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