Oath Taking

Last June 2012 me and my best friend, Cannie stayed in Manila for 3 months to review for our board exam. I was 4 months pregnant that time and my family never knew about it. I never worried about it because I have friends who’s always there to support me. Cannie was there for me. She’s like a sister to me. 

When the results came our tears shed. We didn’t find our names on the list. We locked ourselves in our room and cried. After 3 months of hard work we failed ourselves, we thought that it was the end of everything. My partner just passed the Architecture Board Exam and I really wanted to pass too. I want to give the best for my baby. I was so sad because I disappointed myself, my friends, and my family. I thought of it that way. Well, I was wrong. They were not ashamed of me even if I failed and I got pregnant. When I called my father I was crying out loud and I was able to tell him that I was pregnant. He just smiled and told me ” It’s ok, don’t cry. Everything’s gonna be alright. God has greater plans for you. Just be strong.” I think to myself, My father was right. I shouldn’t be ashamed. “There’s always a reason for everything. God never gave us a burden we can’t handle”. 

After a few days we were able to know our ratings and we were happy to know that we only failed one subject. We both got a conditional grade so we had to wait for a year and take again that subject.
Last September 2013 Geodetic Engineering exam, we finally passed. The funny thing is, we got the same rating! We really are destined to be together. After a month, our oath taking was held at the Manila Hotel. Look how happy we were during our Oath Taking Ceremony.
This is my best friend Cannie.

This is me.