My Ugly Duckling’s Transformation

I could still remember the day that I gave birth to my baby, that was the happiest day of my life. After 9 months of waiting I finally met him. When I heard him cry all the pain that I felt went away. It was a feeling that I never felt before. I found myself staring at my baby, I didn’t mind the nurse stitching my laceration. All I wanted was to feel him. 

After a few hours of waiting we were finally together and I was just staring at him trying to figure out whom he looks like. My husband was so happy that our baby was a boy. We really wished for a baby boy and thank God he granted our wish. We never knew his gender until I gave birth because on my past 3 ultrasounds he wouldn’t cooperate maybe he’s too shy to show his. All the baby stuff that we bought were blue and we prepared a name for a baby boy.

 I gave birth to him 3 weeks earlier than my expected delivery date and he was just 5 pounds. When my sister found our baby’s picture on Facebook she said my baby was so skinny and ugly. But when she finally saw my baby face to face when he was 3 months old she never expected that the once Benjamin Button is now Brad Pitt.

1st day in the hospital after his first bath. He was crying a lot and I felt like my heart was crumpled.
I really love this photo of him. He’s full of wrinkles just like Benjamin Button.
He was so skinny but I don’t mind, he’s still the cutest baby in the world.

This was his first smile that I captured while he was asleep.
He finally opened his eyes at week 1.


He had cradle cap in his eyelids, eyebrows and head at 2 months but he’s still happy.

3rd month: No more wrinkles, just baby fat. Don’t mind the hair, he’s still cute:)

My Superman, at 6 months.
At 8 months, he just loves to stroll outside. 
Don’t be deceived by his innocent looks. 
at 9 months 
There you are! My happy and healthy baby at 10 months.
Looking at him now I could still remember that he was the Ugly Duckling that I love. He is the missing part of me that I have been searching for all my life…

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