Carl the Minion Free Cross Stitch Pattern

I got inspired to make a cross stitch pattern on Carl, the one eyed Minion because my baby loves this movie. Apart from Turbo this is one of his favorites. Last 2 days ago we were searching on youtube for minions song and we found this video I don’t know why but he didn’t liked the song. It would bring him to tears. 
Here is the pattern
Fabric: Aida 14, White
            60w X 60h Stitches

           14 count, 4.29 x 4.29 in
           16 count, 3.75 x 3.75 in
           18 count, 3.33 x 3.33 in

Begin at the center of the pattern. Follow the arrows at the top and on left to find the center.

This pattern is for your own personal use only. 

This pattern cannot be subject for resale.
You cannot claim the pattern as your own or alter it in any way and Crafty Guild
will not accept any liability for the sale of completed items.

On my next blog I’ll make another pattern. It will be Carl’s evil minion form… Feel free to subscribe to my blog to get notified when I post new crochet and cross stitch ideas:)