1 Ball Caron Cake Baby Blanket

Hi everyone it’s been a long time since my last post. I have been gone for almost a year. I’m very busy with my job and I just couldn’t find to crochet. Last week my friend invited me to her baby’s christening and I decided to make a baby blanket for her baby. I hope you will love this blanket. You can find the free crochet pattern below.

Materials Needed for the project:
1 ball Caron Cake in Strawberry Trifle (383 yd. / 350 m)
5.00 mm. crochet hook
Pair of Scissors
Yarn Needle
Measuring Tape

Crochet Gauge:
17 sc = 4″ (10 cm)
Finished blanket Size
18″ x 21″
Crochet Abbreviations:
sc=single crochet
dc=double crochet
shell=make 5 double crochet stitches in same stitch
fpdc=front post double crochet
bpdc=back post double crochet
sl st=slip stitch
Free Crochet Pattern
Beginning Chain: Ch 102+3 (last 3 ch acts as a DC)
Row 1: Shell on the 6th ch from your hook, skip 2 ch, dc on next,
(skip 2 ch, shell, skip 2 ch, dc on next)* repeat across, turn your work
Row 2: Working on the wrong side ch3 (acts as a dc), skip 2 sts, shell, skip 2 sts, bpdc
(skip 2 sts,shell,skip 2 sts, bpdc on next)* repeat across, turn your work
Row 3: Working on the right side ch 3, (acts as a dc), skip 2 sts, shell, skip 2 sts, fpdc
(skip 2 sts,shell,skip 2 sts, fpdc on next)* repeat across, turn your work
Rows 4-39: repeat the pattern for row 2 – row 3 until you reach row 39
Row 40: (ch 2, skip 2 sts, sl st on the next, ch 2, skip 2 sts, dc on next)* repeat across
Turn your work to make the edging of the blanket
Working on the right side of the blanket work SC around
Weave ends…
I have also made a crochet diagram pattern below for those who loves to follow diagrams instead of reading patterns.

Here’s a picture of the whole blanket that I have made. Hope you like it 🙂

For those who would love to follow the video tutorial for this baby blanket you can watch the video tutorial here.

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33 responses to “1 Ball Caron Cake Baby Blanket”

  1. For the 1 ball Caron cake baby blanket: I’d like to make the blanket MUCH larger as I have many carin cakes. Could you please tell me what the stitch count is (or multiples)for the pattern as well as the “plus 2” or however many the PLUS is for the starting chain
    Does that make sense??

  2. I had to try this pattern. I made mine a bit larger in in blues, Brown, off white, and tweed. I also added a nice border to finish it off. Thank you.

  3. This is going to be my next project, can’t wait to finish the one I am currently doing to have a go at this! Thank you for sharing such beautiful inspiring works ? I have shared this on my FB page, I hope that’s ok? There are many, many more I would like to do after looking through your photographs! Looks like I am going to be busy ? xx

  4. Hello! This pattern is very pretty but I was wondering, I have 2 balls of Caron cakes and it’s the regular 200g Caron cakes. I was wondering how would I double the size of the pattern of 18 x 21 to 36 x 42 but while not making it longer but making it wider and longer. This may not be possible, but I would really appreciate any feedback!

  5. Love the colors and pattern! Thanks soooo much for sharing this pattern. Moments ago I ordered the Strawberry Trifle Caron Cake! Can’t wait to pick it up from Michaels this afternoon and get started on this blanket 😉

  6. your video tutorial goes to an “autoblog” video not the baby blanket , How do I get the video for the blanket

  7. I am making lapaghans for a local nursing home. Would like them to be at least 26 ,” wide by 36″ long. How long should I make the beginning chain?

  8. On the video, you use a back post DC. Does it matter which you use? Also, are you making the shell in the center of the shell?

    • Yes Cheryl the back post dc matters. It will create an embossed effect on the blanket and yes I am making the shell in the center of the shell.

  9. I have some Mandala Baby tarn, and I’ve been looking for a perfect pattern for a boys blanket. This one is just right! Thank you for posting this pattern!

  10. Mine measures 18x 24, but this is really very small for a baby blanket is it not? Especially considering how expensive it is for the 7.1 ounce ball.

    • Hi Annie I made this blanket for a newborn baby. A security blanket for a baby measures 14″x17″. I think the blanket size is acceptable.

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